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Professional Market Research Services in India and Russia
Base on our client’s, partners experience and capabilities; EmergentSky introduced range of professional market research services focused on 2 key Emerging Markets: India and Russia.

We are filling the gap in the research market, in which quality and efficiency of local market research service providers do not match requirements and expectations of global corporations and consultancies.

Our team of partners and project managers, experienced in delivering projects and research results to global clients in the Western markets, understand well their requirements and expectations, therefore are able to guide and demand the same quality, efficiency and responsiveness from the local research resources and agencies in India and Russia.

EmergentSky provides a local taste and understanding of the market in a format that is well comparable with the best global standards of market research studies. This includes all qualitative and quantitative marketing research services as face-2-face interviews, focus groups, in-depth interviews, telephone questionnaires, mystery shopping, on-line questionnaires and CATI.

Examples of Studies Conducted: Client Comments:
  • Screening and Identification of the most attractive consumer segments and markets for launch of a hot drink outlet chain in India (consumer and competitive research)
  • Understanding skin care market in Russia (market volume, value, , growth segmentation, channels, competition)
  • Assessing market potential for bottled water brand in India (via desk research, phone and face-to-face interviews with in-market specialists/experts such as brand manufacturers, distributors, retailers and off-trade chains)
  • Dynamics of Russian styrene market and related products (insights into the Russian chemical market developments for international aromatics buyers)
  • “Working with EmergentSky has been very beneficial
    for my company in many ways; 1)Having Market
    Research done in India, the European way, 2)
    Communication Throughout the project has been very
    time efficient and straight to the point at all times,
    3)Their level of understanding end-clients wishes and
    changes has been high” –
    Swedish Marketing
    Manager based in India

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